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disco bloodbath for the ages
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Friday, June 4th, 2010
10:30 pm
Thursday, February 4th, 2010
10:36 am
My garage door. (PUBLIC POST)
Let me show you it.
Nine, under the cut.Collapse )
And for those of you NOT following along over on twin_cities, Sean was in a Big Hurry this morning and didn't make sure the garage door was all the way up before he started backing out (or possibly it went up and then went back down, since it does that sometimes when it's cold out). No word yet on the state of The Tank, but I am pretty curious to get a look at that. This is an attached garage, and it happens to be attached to the room I'm sitting in, and as a consequence of having this GIANT OPEN DOOR RIGHT THERE WAH WAH, I'm cold!


EDIT EDIT EDIT: He says The Tank is fine, and I am going to go ahead and unlock this entry so I can start asking for some quotes.
Tuesday, December 22nd, 2009
10:27 pm
Public Post, Pete, Positively Petrifying.
Send your own ElfYourself eCards


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Wednesday, August 26th, 2009
5:14 pm
Sheesh. (public post!)
Dear Door-to-Door Young Political Man,

I am a Bad American. I'm kind of vague on politics and issues in general. There are a couple of issues I lean heavily towards, and I tend to skew my vote or my support towards those. So, when you come to my door with your clipboard and your petition, some information about your organization (other than that it's a political organization) and what purpose the petition actually serves would be pretty handy. Like, you know, a brochure or some actual solid information coming out of your mouth. I mean, I had to ask if your group had a website I could check out! You should be volunteering that, at the very least! And when I look at the website? And it looks like I actually would've signed your petition, yes, thank you, that looks like something I would be in support of? SERIOUSLY PEOPLE GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER. However, you were totally polite and friendly, if uninformative, and I know it can't be fun to walk around and knock on doors, but it would probably be more efficient to do so if you had, you know, information.


P.S. Maybe I spent too many years in sales?

P.P.S. As a general rule, I don't buy ANYTHING from ANYONE who comes to my door. Unless it is Girl Scout Cookies, I make a OM NOM NOM exception for those.
Tuesday, June 30th, 2009
8:38 am
Happy! (public post)
Happy Anniversary to that scruffy dude with the haircut who I picked up at the airport this morning!

I've been sitting on this video for a couple of days, waiting for the right occasion to post it. Now seems as good a time as any.

Love ya sweetie!

Current Mood: you know, a little sleazy
Wednesday, May 27th, 2009
2:11 am
Embracing my inner hillbilly.
Tonight when Sean got home, we went out on a date. To something I wanted to do. We saw Los Straitjackets and Southern Culture on the Skids at First Avenue. It was pretty sweet. I did not yee-haw, but I did woo-hoo a couple of times. Then I made him drive me all the way across town for some Taco Bell.

And now I am exhausted because I am old and holy mack-a-toots, it's after two a.m.! So I am going to bed.
Monday, November 24th, 2008
9:04 pm
Wednesday, November 19th, 2008
2:15 pm

That is all.
Tuesday, November 18th, 2008
3:13 pm
Authorities say that you should boil your water as a precautionary measure if you live within the area bound by these streets:

West Main Street to the north

South Westnedge Avenue to the east

Kilgore Road to the south

US-131 to the west

Western Michigan University, Hackett High School and St. Monica Elementary are all included in that area, as are the neighborhoods of Oakwood, Winchell, Parkview Hills, Vine and Parker-Duke. Portions of the City of Portage west of Westnedge and north of I-94 are also affected.

More info here.

Also, recall on three "flavors" of Lean Cuisine containing chicken.


Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
9:09 pm
My step-sister had her baby, 8 pounds, one ounce. Welcome to the world Isaac C, and thanks for taking the grandchild pressure off me from at least half the family!

Current Mood: happy
Monday, August 11th, 2008
10:29 pm
A Softer AMAZING. (public!)
Why haven't you all added this yet?

I feel like I keep going on and on about it, but really you should. Also don't forget to roll your mouse over for the "punchline" (as it were), because I am kind of slow like that and somehow missed it for like a year.

Sunday, July 27th, 2008
11:17 pm
Important enough to leave wide open.
All human experience is essentially the same.

Yes, your differences make you important. Yes, in fact, you are a special snowflake.

But when you boil it all down, it's all the same.

You tell your story, and I put my hand on your hand to say, "I know," even when I don't, because it's all different, but it is the same hurt. And I tell my story, and you listen and do the same because you can't help it.

It seems obvious, and vague, and general, and it is. A hundred stories, a thousand reactions, one general truth.

Don't feel alone, and here's a hug from me, and I won't feel alone either.
Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
1:45 pm
Monday, June 30th, 2008
11:18 am
Thursday, June 19th, 2008
10:55 am
Hey, I'm going friends-locked for a while. I've been pretty free with my life to the intarwebs at large for a while, but I'm thinking it's time for a change, you know, for funsies. I started to go back through my archives and selectively lock entries, but after about ten of those, I realized that it was going to take forever, and I just don't have time in my schedule today for forever. So.

If you're a lurker with an LJ account and you want to keep reading, leave me a comment and I'll add you.

If you're a lurker without an LJ account, you can sign up for one for free, leave me a comment, and I'll add you.

If you're a lurker without an LJ account who wants to read about my exciting life but doesn't want to bother signing up for an account for whatever reason, let me know and I'm sure we can work something out.

It's all about the content control, baby!
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